Bianca and Connor's Wedding - Isaac Taylor Garden - New Bern, North Carolina

GoodNESS!! Think up the most amazingly romantic garden wedding you can, and you might come close to this real-life gorgeous wedding. Truly you guys, Bianca and Connor's wedding day was absolute perfection from the sweet setting at Isaac Taylor Garden, to the amazing florals, the exciting first-look, and incredibly sentimental ceremony, I could go on forever. I'm telling you, this New Bern, NC wedding was to-die-for. ONE of my favorite parts of the day was when Bianca and Connor sealed letters they'd written for each other into a locked box to be opened on a future anniversary - I about melted behind my camera right there! New Bern has this beautiful marina just steps away from the gardens, so we were even able to escape for a walk down to the water for sunset and WOW was it wonderful to step away from the party for just a sec and hang out with these two as they breathed in their new titles of husband and wife. It was STUNNING you guys, I loved it! Okay, I'll never stop telling you about it, but just see for yourself - scroll with me through these photos and enjoy a glimpse into a one-of-a-kind day that started these two wonderful people on their newest adventure together, forever.

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