Carly and Ryan - Engagement Session - First Landing Park - Virginia Beach, Virginia

Carly and Ryan are busy planning their beautiful Spring wedding, but they took time to stop and take a little drive for a Virginia Beach Engagement Session. I couldn’t have been happier to meet these two as they are seriously so much fun to explore with. I showed them around my favorite spot of First Landing Park and we talked and laughed as they told me all about how they met in a college CPR class, didn’t get each other’s numbers, but then connected on Facebook (like immediately after the class ended!) Thank goodness for technology, right?! It was a sweet start to what has already been an amazing relationship for these two. And literally they both just make it totally obvious that they belong together (spend 10 minutes with them and you’ll think so too, I promise!) Scroll with me through Carly and Ryan’s little walk on the nature trails and campground side of the park and see how they got to take in a totally breathtaking beach sunset down where the sand meets the waves… it was one of those nights where living by the beach really is, actually, perfect.

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